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Dear Authors, Readers, Reviewers

and all those who make our quarterly Archives of Foundry Engineering grow so well. Probably most of you noticed that the AFE website stopped working many months ago. Unfortunately, a very serious crash happened which destroyed the AFE website and given the somewhat unfortunate server configuration, also its backup versions. This made it necessary not only to launch a new server, but most of all it started the tedious process of data recovery and the structure of the platform. Ultimately, this work was successful and I would like to thank especially Dr. Eng. Czesław Baron, who was particularly heavily involved in the process of reactivating the website. Unfortunately, for administrative and procedural reasons, we were unable to maintain the old website address. We decided to use a new address in the form of www.journal-afe.pl, which in our opinion is even better, more informative, and friendlier for foreign users. From now on, at this address, you will find again all the archival issues of AFE and the titles that precede it, and the latest issues will soon be completed. However, please remember that the official electronic publisher of the Archives of Foundry Engineering is the Polish Academy of Sciences Journal Reading Room, where the journal issues from 2012 are available at https://journals.pan.pl/afe and new issues are published on an ongoing basis. Currently, the number 3/2021 is issued.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we try to remove various faults that appear during the use of the reactivated website on an ongoing basis. So please be understanding and inform us if you find any imperfections or errors while using the website. We will try to improve it regularly to ensure that all functionalities work flawlessly as soon as possible.

Most of all, however, I would like to ask you to submit valuable publications, remember about AFE when writing scientific articles for other journals and cite (of course only authorized and reliable) our publications in them. This is the only way to increase the journal's prestige. Speaking of the journal's position, I would like to inform you that a dozen or so days ago, after information about the planned correction of the scores for national journals, I sent a letter appeal to the Ministry of Education and Science against the, in our opinion, unfair evaluation, which gave AFE 40 points. Hopefully this time, after a fair evaluation, the Archives of Foundry Engineering score will be raised. According to the information from the Ministry, the modified list should appear in September and I will inform you about the results as soon as this is done.

With best regards and best regards

Jan Jezierski

Editor in Chief

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