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Published since 1978 formerly as
Solidification of Metals and Alloys
Archives of Foundry

Published quarterly as the Journal of the Foundry Commission of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Editor J. Jazierski
Deputy Editor  D. Bartocha
Department of Foundry Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Silesian University of Technology,
Towarowa 7, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland; tel. +48 32338 55 17 fax +48 32338 55 18, e-mail:


  • Theoretical Aspects of Casting Processes
  • K. Eigenfeld – Freiberg, Germany
    E. Guzik – Kraków, Poland
    T. G. Mathia - Lyon, France
    W. Wołczyński – Kraków, Poland
  • Innovative Foundry Technologies and Materials
  • T. Elbel – Ostrava, Czech Republic

    O. P. Pandey – Punjab, India 

    N. S. Tiedje – Lyngby, Denmark

  • Foundry Processes Computer Aiding
  • B. Mochnacki – Częstochowa, Poland
    J. Roučka – Brno, Czech Republic
    E. Majchrzak – Gliwice, Poland
  • Mechanization, Automation and Robotics in
  • J. Bast – Freiberg, Germany

    R. Wrona – Kraków, Poland

  • Transport Systems in Foundry
  • J. Dańko – Kraków, Poland

    Z. Li – Shijiazhuang, China

  • Castings Quality Management
  • D. Bolibruchova – Żilina, Slovak Republic

    J. D. B. de Mello - Santa Monica, Brazil

    M. Perzyk – Warszawa, Poland

  • Environment Protection
  • M. Holtzer – Kraków, Poland

    H. Polzin – Freiberg, Germany

    J. Sobczak – Kraków, Poland

    I. Volchok – Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine


    M. Cholewa – Gliwice, Poland
    B. K. Dhindaw – Rupnagar, India
    W. A. Hufenbach – Dresden, Germany
    P. Jelínek – Ostrava, Czech Republic
    J. Lacaze – Toulouse, France
    V. L. Naydek – Kiev, Ukraine

    A. Passerone – Genova, Italy
    I. Riposan – Bucharest, Romania
    F. Romankiewicz – Zielona Góra, Poland
    A. Sládek – Żilina, Slovak Republic
    J. Szajnar – Gliwice, Poland
    R. B. Tuttle – Saginaw Valley, USA


    S. Acharya – Vasad, India
    S. A. Argyropoulos – Toronto, Canada
    M. Azadi – Tehran, Iran
    Y. Babaskin – Kiev, Ukraine
    E. Bayraktar – Paris, France
    V. Bednarova - Ostrava, Czech Republic
    F. Bińczyk – Katowice, Poland
    A. Bokota – Częstochowa, Poland
    G. P. Borisov – Kiev, Ukraine
    A. Bydałek – Kraków, Poland
    C. H. Cáceres – Brisbane, Australia
    J. Campbell – Birmingham, United Kingdom
    J. Čech – Brno, Czech Republic
    G. Chate – Belgavi, India
    L. Q. Chen – Shenyang, China
    A. Chojecki – Kraków, Poland
    R. Dańko – Kraków, Poland
    I. A. Dibrov – Moscow, Russia
    A. Dioszegi – Jönköping, Sweden
    D. Dispinar – Istanbul, Turkey
    S. M. Dobosz – Kraków, Poland
    V. I. Dubodelov – Kiev, Ukraine
    A. Fedoryszyn – Krakow, Poland
    J. Głownia – Kraków, Poland
    K. Granat – Wrocław, Poland
    J. Hampl – Ostrava, Czech Republic
    J. Helber – Düsseldorf, Germany
    M. Hetmańczyk – Katowice, Poland
    M. Horáček – Brno, Czech Republic
    M. Kaczorowski – Warszawa, Poland
    W. Kapturkiewicz – Kraków, Poland
    R. Kawalla – Freiberg, Germany
    Z. Konopka – Czestochowa, Poland
    D. Kopyciński – Kraków, Poland 

    W. K. Krajewski – Kraków, Poland
    P. Lichy – Ostrava, Czech Republic
    Y. P. Lim – Setapak, Malaysia
    T. Lipiński – Olsztyn, Poland
    U. F. López – Mexico City, Mexico
    A. Mityayev - Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
    M. Murgaš – Trnava, Slovak Republic
    I. Nová – Liberec, Czech Republic
    M. Okayasu – Okayama, Japan
    W. Orłowicz – Rzeszów, Poland
    T. Pacyniak – Łódź, Poland
    B. Piekarski – Szczecin, Poland
    S. Polat – Kocaeli, Turkey
    P. Puranik – Gujarat, India
    A. Rimmer – West Bromwich, UK 
    M. Rosso – Torino, Italy
    S. Samavedam – Hyderabad, India
    P. Schumacher – Leoben, Austria
    N. Sczygiol – Częstochowa, Poland
    K. V. Shankar – Amritapuri, India
    P. Skočovský – Żilina, Slovak Republic
    M. S. Soiński – Częstochowa, Poland
    J. Sokolowski – Ottawa, Kanada
    K. V. Sudhakar – Butte, USA
    B. G. Thomas – Champaign, USA
    S. E. Vahdat – Amol, Iran
    I. Vaškova – Košice, Slovak Republic
    J. Vuorinen – Tampere, Finland
    A. Zadera – Brno, Czech Republic
    E. Ziółkowski – Kraków, Poland
    F. Zitian – Huazhong, China
    J. Zych – Kraków, Poland


    M. Dojka – Gliwice, Poland – e. s.
    J. Suchoń – Gliwice, Poland – e. s.
    J. Szymszal – Katowice, Poland, Statistic Editor
    A. Dulska – Gliwice, Poland
    M. Kondracki – Gliwice, Poland
    C. Borek
    Chicago, USA, Language Editor

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